Are you planning a girls night? If so, consider a night of wine and wellness! Your girlfriends are your biggest support system, so why not have a collective conversation about how you can each live your best life, the healthy life! You supply the wine, I’ll supply the wellness! If planning a menu isn’t your thing, I can help with that too! Contact me for more info!

Wine and Wellness

Each month I will be hosting a wellness chat at one of my favorite food spots around the DMV. Join me and other wellness advocates as we discuss the topics that are most important to you! Drop me a note for a topic that you would like covered or a location we should check out! In order to create an intimate and open discussion, we will only be able to accomodate 12 females per meet-up.


Oct. 11 - The Caged Bird DC - TICKETS

Table Talks

Upcoming Events

I hope to see you at my upcoming speaking engagements!

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