Pantry Makeover

Whether you are meal-prepping or in need of quick options for on-the-go, a healthy, well-stocked, pantry is essential for a healthy diet!

Let me help give your pantry and fridge a COMPLETE makeover by identifying undesirable items that may be holding you back from reaching your optimal health and wellness goals.

I  will personally come to your home and go through both your refrigerator and pantry to help you determine which items are either helping or inhibiting your wellness goals. We will work together to minimize the empty-calorie foods stocked in your kitchen - those items that are delivering lots of calories with very little nutrients - and create a plan to restock with healthy alternatives that you will equally love and enjoy. 

To assist you with future decision making, I will work with you to develop a grocery list carefully designed to re-stock your pantry with more healthful, nourishing items, and then equip you with the knowledge to expertly read and interpret a nutrition facts label so you will feel confident navigating the grocery store.

By the time I leave, we will make sure your refrigerator is totally cleaned out of the old habits, with room for nutritious food items that will become your new pantry staples and mealtime favorites.

Know Yourself Love Yourself, Llc.