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Event Recap: Bloom In Your Purpose Wellness Workshop 2018

Updated: Jun 14, 2018

Last weekend I had the pleasure of speaking with a room full of beautiful women at the Flourish Heights Bloom in Your Purpose Wellness Workshop. If you weren't able to make it, here is what you missed!

This awesome event was organized by my dietitian friend, Valerie Agyeman, founder of Flourish Heights. The event was a total success (yay Valerie!) and I am so happy I was invited to be involved!

During the workshop, the attendees were able to hear from several speakers who shared tips on how we can each live a vibrant and purpose-filled life! I was so honored to present alongside

My talk was all about exploring the different factors that trigger our eating and how understanding them is one of the first steps to having an overall healthier diet. I led the group through an exercise to determine our “Eating Trigger Personality” and then we discussed different tips to avoid eating unhealthy foods based on our personality type.

I had so much fun chatting with this group of ladies! I hope everyone was able to take away helpful tips to make smart decisions about not only what you eat, but also listening to your body so you’re eating just the right amount!

Now, let's get to the fun stuff! The vendors…. Were AMAZING!!!! Shout-out to Valerie for securing such a great selection of vendors and healthier-for you products for us to leave with!

The Washington-DC based vendors included:

  • Cosmic Juice is a Washington, DC-based juice brand founded in 2017. Their goal is to encourage people to break limiting habits and beliefs by living an all-around intentional and high-vibrational life. Cosmic juice is made mindfully with the aim of getting people excited about intaking fresh and delicious produce. Their unpasteurized juices are purely fruit or fruit and vegetable blends made with all organic ingredients. All their products are made with no added sugar or sweeteners but you will taste the natural sugars from the fruit itself! I tried both the Beet and Pineapple Juice and the Extra Mile (Pineapple Spinach and Mint) - SO GOOD! Click here for more info about their products.

  • Blushed Candles is also a DC based company that produce scented soy blend candles. Each of their candles contain ingredients made from renewable and sustainable materials grown by american farmers and the candles are poured hear in DC. These are truly #BlackGirlMagic candles with scents such as “Bae”, “WCW”, “YASSS”, and “Brunchin’” . Not only do the candles have catchy cute names, but they smell absolutely heavenly! My sister and I both walked away with a candle and we grabbed our mom the WCW candle for the perfect Mother’s Day Gift! Click here for more info about their products

  • Oh-Mazing Snackable Granola, is a healthier tastier alternative to some of the not-so-healthy snacks found on grocery store shelves. Owner, Stephanie Williams, started making granola in an effort to provide healthier options to her family and her snacks instantly became a hit! Her granola can now be found in stores all over the DC area. Click here for more information about their products.

Takeaways Included:

  • Regular Girl

  • RXBar

  • I Heart KEENWAH

  • Enlightened

  • Kind Bar

  • Pleasent pops

  • Sweet Green

  • Banza

  • Justin’s

  • Rhythm Superfoods

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